GimmeBar: Furniture

Today’s post of things I love features furniture! After being so immersed in furniture design in Copenhagen, I can’t turn my brain off. Looking back at my style preferences before this summer, I can definitely see how much Danish design changed what I think is beautiful. Most of these have the whimsy to them that I love, but they’re all really clean and simple, with pared-down materials. I hope the Danes would approve.

I seriously hope these are stretchy. MocoLoco

I can’t find the original post for details, but this chair is made by dropping a huge weight on a perforated metal cube. So cool. Core77

I love how shiny and elegant these are, while still being functional. Yanko

Again, a cool mix of rugged and sleek. Design*Sponge

We’re using this as an inspiration for a space-saving shelf in my studio project–I love how simple it is! Shoebox Dwelling

Swedish. Which is almost Danish, so it’s awesome by default. DesignMilk

I want one of these. Feel free to get me one for Christmas. KarmaTrendz

Also, feel free to get me a set of these to match. Dezeen

Lastly, this is one of a series of lamps made of painted recycled bottles. They’re all beautiful, and for most of the rest you would never know it came from sodas. Core77


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